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Its awesome. I just keep losing the weight. Thanks

Awesome! I actually felt like the band is around my stomach! Lost 6lbs in one week by cutting back on portion size.

I stopped night binge eating after listening for only 2 days. I've been binge eating at night for 30 years! Thank you so much.
Suzanne L
This is truly amazing. I just started listening to this as I fall asleep each night over a week and a half ago. I have already lost five pounds since then, without being obsessive or restrictive. My weakness has always been chocolates and I have been surrounded by them at work these last few weeks. My manager keeps a jar of Hershey's kisses on her desk. I didn't eat a single one... so unlike me! I have found myself eating slowly and enjoying my food more, and feeling inclined to exercise more often. I crave healthy foods.  I have heard in my mind: "You don't really have room for that. You don't need that." It's not at all an angry or demeaning voice - just a soft nudge to do what will make me feel best. Highly recommend! For anyone skeptical, just try it. My co-workers are astounded at the difference in my behaviours around food..

Selma W.
Thank you for this! I have been listening every night for about two weeks now and have noticed I don't eat as much and my craving of sweets have nearly vanished. you are amazing!

Kimberly V.
Changed my life...lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks...thanks!

Sheila M.D.
I have been listening to this, self esteem, evening and weight loss. It is truly wonderful. Everything centers in the mind. Good to be mindful. I am losing weight in a healthy way. I had some weight about 10 lb I put on when my beautiful daughter in law passed away at 28. I felt my heart break. Thank you for your pure healing. Peace

Linda M
It is amazing ...I love it . I lost 12 kgs in just 21 is literally a miracle.  It really works.
Purvi Bohra
I must be the one that must say thank you... I started listening to you in September and have made some significant physical changes that include losing nearly 60 pounds and mental and spiritual with regularly practicing yoga and feeling better. I listen to your affirmations 3-4 times per week and remind myself everyday of my Healthy Weight: I am capable of obtaining and maintaining my ideal healthy weight for the rest of my life. 

Luis R.B.
I have suffered from overeating, bulimia and have had an unhealthy relationships for 15 years up until now. This program has changed my life. LOVE IT! My mind is finally in a good place with food now and my body is looking super fly....I've turned this program onto several friends who have all reaped the benefits.

Natallia N.
Started May 11th & already seeing changes I love it!! inches are melting & my clothes are feeling looser!!

Kimberley T.
"I have been listening to this for 2 weeks and I am definitely seeing the change in my eating, my portions were already small but today I went smaller and I felt pretty good and satisfied, and overall I feel a lot lighter.  I will continue this practice for another 6 weeks (8 weeks in total) before moving on to part 2. Thank you so much for this video. Love and Light xo"

Dee R.

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