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Contents of the Core
Think Yourself Slim Program

7 Days of Meditations or Hypnotherapy
7 Days of Affirmations
7 Days of Coaching
21 MP3s + BONUS MP3s
8+ Hours total content
Compatibility on all devices

Listen to Samples of Each Day

Each day has a theme to undo the damage of dieting, eating disorders, food and weight obsession, and to then retrain your brain to adopt thoughts and behaviour aligned to a healthy mindset to attain and maintain your ideal healthy weight.  For each day there are 3 MP3s: 1 hypnotherapy or meditation, 1 set of affirmations and 1 coaching MP3 all aligned to the theme of the day. 

Read on to listen to a sample of the hypnotherapy or meditation MP3 from each day


Day 1: Mind-Body Connection Mindful Eating

​In Day 1 you re-learn the basics of trusting your mind and body again and learning mindful eating. 

You learn to:

  • eat mindfully, aware of every bite

  • trust your body again

  • reconnect to your natural appetite

  • affirmations to reinforce feeling calm around all food

  • meal time coaching to walk you through retraining to eat with mindfulness

NOTICE: How calm and centred you feel you feel and how you are more aware of every bite

Day 1 Mind-Body Connection, Mindful Eating - Think Yourself Slim
At the Dinner Table

Day 2: No More Diets or Cravings

Day 2 is the antidote to all diets and all deprivation and eating disorder mentalities. You will

  • undo negative programming from diets and media

  • guided imagery journey to tune out the traps of dieting

  • stop counting, measuring, restricting and obsession over food

  • affirmations for calm eating

NOTICE: How emotions around food are reduced, feeling calm.

Day 2 No More Diets or Cravings - Think Yourself Slim

Day 3: End Emotional Eating

Day 3 continues to undo the negative assocations you have with food:

  • journey to explore all aspects of emotional eating

  • powerful hypnosis to stop using food to bury emotions

  • affirmations that give a new way to meet each type of emotional need

  • coaching to teach you about the 4 types of emotional eating,  help you reflect & give you reaction changing strategies.

NOTICE: Your release from emotional eating breaking negative cycles.

Day 3 End Emotional Eating - Think Yourself Slim

Day 4: Positive Body Image and Self-Esteem

As the saying goes, you cannot do a job well if you do not love your work.  You cannot improve your body if you do not love it.  

Day 4 allows you to:

  • resolve conflict of emotions and self-criticism

  • recognize that self-criticism is learned, not our natural state

  • reverse criticism, channelling 100% of your energy to positive goals

  • guided imagery of love and acceptance of each part of the body

NOTICE: How you are more accepting of your body now and have even more motivation to continue to your ideal healthy weight.

Day 4 Positive Body Image and Self-Esteem - Think Yourself Slim
Green Smoothie

Day 5 Part 1: Retrain Your Taste Buds to Love Healthy Food
Day 5 Part 2: Erase Temptation

Congratulations! You are continuing to build new habits  

In Day 5 you will:

  • retrain your taste buds to like natural whole foods

  • increase dislike of processed foods: sugary, salty and greasy food

  • hypnosis to tune out images of fast food

  • positive suggestions to incorporate healthy food at meal times

NOTICE: How you start to filter out junk food and processed foods, how you can easily recall and feel dislike for unhealthy foods and develop tastes for natural foods.

Day 5: 1 - Retrain Your Taste Buds to Love Healthy Food And 2-  Erase Temptation - Think Yourself Slim

Day 6: Motivation to Get Moving

As your body rebalances and you feel more and more accepting of self, you will start to find fun ways to start moving.  

Day 6 allows you to:

  • break negative associations with exercise and rewire your brain to love moving your body

  • find fun ways to move at home, at work, anywhere!

  • let go of unachievable goals

  • find easy ways to move every day, to build habits that last a lifetime

NOTICE: How you start to feel movement is fun!

Day 6: Motivation to Get Moving - Think Yourself Slim
Woman Sleeping

Day 7: Deep Sleep and Weight Loss Hypnosis

​As it is the end of the week we are ending up with the most relaxing recording.  Like a massage for the mind, this will both relax you and support your goals

Day 7 will:

  • reinforce all the key messages from days 1 to 6

  • send you off to deep sleep using guided imagery of a beach sunset

  • boost your metabolism, balance hormones, burn fat as you sleep

  • coaching will give you determination to keep going

  • affirmations will reinforce resilience and self-belief

Sweet dreams...

Day 7: Deep Sleep and Weight Loss Hypnosis - Think Yourself Slim


It's awesome!

I just keep losing the weight. Thanks!


Man Running on Beach at Sunset.jpg

Short Term Goals
High Impact Habits

 It takes 21 days to create a habit 

that lasts a lifetime. 


Instead of chasing a number on a scale, start to think of the habits you will form and the mindset you will train so you no longer need to worry about weight

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