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How To Use The Program To

Retrain Your Brain Think Yourself Slim

Program Guidance

Once you have bought the program it is yours for life! Here's how to get the most of this transformational Program

Just 30 to 50 minutes a day

Each core hypnotherapy / guided meditation recording is around 30 to 50 minutes a day.  For each of the 7days in the Program you have 1 hypnotherapy, 1 affirmations and 1 coaching recording.  

One Day at a Time

Listen to one day's recordings at a time.  Do not listen to more than 1 day at a time, to allow the brain time to build new neural pathways.  Listening to too many recordings in one day risks overloading the mind, in the same way if you cram for an exam only to forget everything the next day

Follow the Days

Each day builds on the last so follow the order of the days.  Do not be tempted to jump ahead to whatever you think is your most urgent need.  Each day builds a foundation which leads to the other, so please follow the days as numbered.  You will get a PDF of the Program Guide.

Listen for a Minimum of 21 Days, Ideally 8 Weeks

It takes at least 21 days to build a new habit.  So listen to the program for a minimum of 21 days, but ideally for 8 weeks or more to ensure that the old unhelpful habits and toxic emotional attachment to food are undone.  There is a cumulative positive effect with repeated listening. 

After the Minimum Program Length

After 3 to 8 weeks if you feel and see the changes taking effect, then you are free to choose to listen to whichever recordings you feel you still need or still enjoy

Ideal Conditions to Listen to Each Recording

Day time or night time is fine in a safe, quiet place.  Each recording is designed to bring you back up to fully alert again. PLEASE NOTE: we recommend that you listen to each audio file beginning to end to gain the maximum benefit.  You must also ensure that you are not driving or operating machinery both during and for 20 minutes after the audio for your own and others' safety

Who Should Use this Program?

Anyone who is unable to achieve a goal or change through willpower alone or who has an unhealthy focus on food and/or has a history of serial dieting.  This has also helped those with eating disorders as the principles are the same for both eating disorders and being overweight.  Read the testimonials for client feedback.

Progress and Results

You may notice subtle or sudden shifts.  You can only take on messaging which you accept.  You cannot take on any suggestion which you resist or that conflicts with your morals and values.  Give yourself time, at least 3 weeks, to start to see and feel changes.  Results are not guaranteed as each listener is free to resist or accept any and all messaging.  


As with any lifestyle change, always consult with your healthcare professional first.  If you are currently taking any medication or have any suspected or confirmed mental or physical health condition, or are undergoing any treatment, check with your physician first to determine if this Program is suitable.  If you are below the legal adult age, please confirm with your parent or caregiver first as to whether to use this Program.

Still wondering if the Program will work for you?

Find out if you are likely to benefit from the Program by taking the Suitability Quiz


"Have been listening to this, self esteem, evening and weight loss. It is truly wonderful. Everything centers in the mind. Good to be mindful. I am losing weight in a healthy way. I had some weight about 10 lb I put on when my beautiful daughter in law passed away at 28. I felt my heart break. Everything I did course in miracles and recovery help me see the light and of course this. Thank you for your pure healing. Peace​."

Linda M,

Core Think Yourself Slim Program

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