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Program Includes
Woman doing weight loss meditation

Core Program Includes

7 Days of Meditations / Hypnotherapy
7 Days of Affirmations
7 Days of Coaching
21 MP3s + BONUS MP3s
8+ Hours total content!
Compatibility on all devices

Why Choose This Program?

No Counting or Measuring
No Restricted Foods
No Equipment
No More Diets!
End Emotional Eating
Lose Weight AND Feel Relaxed
Builds Habits that Last
Aligns 100% of Your Mind
STOP Fighting Willpower START Retraining Your Brain!
Woman with a pony tail doing weight loss meditation by the beach

"I have suffered from overeating, bulimia and have had an unhealthy relationships for 15 years up until now.


This program has changed my life. LOVE IT! My mind is finally in a good place with food now and my body is looking super fly!!!"

Natallia N. Purchased Core Program

Why 95% of Diets Fail and Think Yourself Slim Works! 

Even though diets are so popular they never work

Learn why you will NEVER need to diet again

Video 1

Think Yourself Slim Program


Day 1: Mind-Body Connection Mindful Eating

  • eat mindfully, aware of every bite

  • trust your body again

  • reconnect to your natural appetite

  • affirmations to reinforce feeling calm around all food

  • meal time coaching to walk you through retraining to eat with mindfulness


Day 3: End Emotional


  • journey to explore all aspects of emotional eating

  • powerful hypnosis to stop using food to bury emotions

  • affirmations that give a new way to meet each type of emotional need

  • coaching to teach you about the 4 types of emotional eating,  help you reflect & give you reaction changing strategies.

Green Smoothie

Day 5: 1 - Retrain Your Taste Buds to Love Healthy Food And 2-  Erase Temptation

  • retrain your taste buds to like natural whole foods

  • increase dislike of processed foods: sugary, salty and greasy food

  • hypnosis to tune out images of fast food

  • positive suggestions to incorporate healthy food at meal times

Woman Sleeping

Day 7: Deep Sleep and Weight Loss Hypnosis

  • reinforce all the key messages from days 1 to 6

  • send you off to deep sleep using guided imagery of a beach sunset

  • boost your metabolism, balance hormones, burn fat as you sleep

  • coaching will give you determination to keep going

  • affirmations for resilience and self-belief

At the Dinner Table

Day 2: No More Diets or Cravings

  • undo negative programming from diets and media

  • guided imagery journey to tune out the traps of dieting

  • stop counting, measuring, restricting and obsession over food

  • affirmations for calm eating


Day 4: Positive Body Image and Self-Esteem

  • resolve conflict of emotions and self-criticism

  • recognize that self-criticism is learned, not our natural state

  • reverse criticism, channelling 100% of your energy to positive goals

  • guided imagery of love and acceptance of each part of the body


Day 6: Motivation to

Get Moving

  • break negative associations with exercise and build positive links

  • find fun ways to move at home, at work, anywhere!

  • let go of unachievable goals

  • find easy ways to move every day, to build habits that last a lifetime

Program Overview
Man facing the horizon doing weight loss meditation

Purchase the Core Program Today

Listen to the 7 day Program for 21 days to retrain your brain

My Story
Sarah Dresser Clinical Hypnotherapist

The Story Behind the Think Yourself Slim Program

The journey to create the Program began on my 30th birthday, when I realized  I had spent more than half my life dieting and, at my worst, had suffered from eating disorders of extreme starvation and bingeing.  I was obsessed with food, addicted to chocolate and sugar.  I hated my body, and counting calories dominated my life.  I had tried and failed over and over with every diet imaginable and my obsession with calories and weight only grew.  I felt defeated.  I  had to admit that diets and restrictions were not the answer and actually worsened my food obsession, increasing my emotional attachment.  But if diets weren't the answer, what alternative was there?  I had to create it.

My First Step to Creating a Slim Mindset ... and Body

Nothing existed at the time.  So through trial and error I created my own approach.  And so I started with the FIRST principle: no more counting, measuring or restrictions...that's right, the OPPOSITE of diet rules.  Something slowly started to change, in mindset, and in body.   And so began the 10 year journey to create Think Yourself Slim...



 have been listening to this, self esteem, evening and weight loss. It is truly wonderful. Everything centers in the mind. Good to be mindful. I am losing weight in a healthy way. I had some weight about 10 lb I put on when my beautiful daughter in law passed away at 28. I felt my heart break. Everything I did course in miracles and recovery help me see the light and of course this. Thank you for your pure healing. Peace

Linda M, Core Think Yourself Slim Program | Oct ',18

It is amazing ...I love it . I lost 12 kgs in just 21 is literally a miracle.  It really works.


Purvi Bohra,  Hypnotic Gastric Band | June '17

Awesome! I actually felt like the band is around my stomach! Lost 6lbs in one week by cutting back on portion size.

C.M, Hypnotic Gastric Band | Oct '17

I stopped night binge eating after listening for only 2 days. I've been binge eating at night for 30 years! Thank you so much.


Suzanne L, Think Yourself Slim Program | Jan '17

Woman sitting by the shore admiring the sunrise

Purchase the Core Program Today

Make peace with food, with your weight, with yourself

You deserve it

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