Retrain Your Brain

Retrain Your Brain Think Yourself Slim

Core Program Includes

7 Days of Mediations / Hypnotherapy
7 Days of Affirmations
7 Days of Coaching
21 MP3s + BONUS MP3s
Compatibility on all devices

Why Choose This Program?

Learn What Makes Think Yourself Slim Unique

No Counting
No Restricted Foods
No Equipment
No Measuring
No More Diets!!
Aligns 100% of your mind
Loose Weight AND Feel More Relaxed!

Why 95% of Diets Fail

Why 95% of Diets Fail and Think Yourself Slim Works!

Even though diets are so popular they never work.  Learn why

you will never need to diet again


"I have suffered from overeating, bulimia and have had an unhealthy relationships for 15 years up until now.


This program has changed my life. LOVE IT! My mind is finally in a good place with food now and my body is looking super fly...."

Natallia N. Purchased Core Program

The Number 1

 Weight Loss Hypnosis & Guided Meditation Program 

What's in the program - Day by day


Day 1: Mind-Body Connection Mindful Eating

  • eat mindfully, aware of every bite

  • trust your body again

  • reconnect to your natural appetite

  • affirmations to reinforce feeling calm around all food

  • meal time coaching to walk you through retraining to eat with mindfulness


Day 3: End Emotional


  • journey to explore all aspects of emotional eating

  • powerful hypnosis to stop using food to bury emotions

  • affirmations that give a new way to meet each type of emotional need

  • coaching to teach you about the 4 types of emotional eating,  help you reflect & give you reaction changing strategies.

Green Smoothie

Day 5: 1 - Retrain Your Taste Buds to Love Healthy Food And 2-  Erase Temptation

  • retrain your taste buds to like natural whole foods

  • increase dislike of processed foods: sugary, salty and greasy food

  • hypnosis to tune out images of fast food

  • positive suggestions to incorporate healthy food at meal times

Woman Sleeping

Day 7: Deep Sleep and Weight Loss Hypnosis

  • reinforce all the key messages from days 1 to 6

  • send you off to deep sleep using guided imagery of a beach sunset

  • boost your metabolism, balance hormones, burn fat as you sleep

  • coaching will give you determination to keep going

  • affirmations for resilience and self-belief

At the Dinner Table

Day 2: No More Diets or Cravings

  • undo negative programming from diets and media

  • guided imagery journey to tune out the traps of dieting

  • stop counting, measuring, restricting and obsession over food

  • affirmations for calm eating


Day 4: Positive Body Image and Self-Esteem

  • resolve conflict of emotions and self-criticism

  • recognize that self-criticism is learned, not our natural state

  • reverse criticism, channelling 100% of your energy to positive goals

  • guided imagery of love and acceptance of each part of the body


Day 6: Motivation to

Get Moving

  • break negative associations with exercise and build positive links

  • find fun ways to move at home, at work, anywhere!

  • let go of unachievable goals

  • find easy ways to move every day, to build habits that last a lifetime

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Think Yourself Slim Handbook

The Think Yourself Slim Program includes a handbook so you can monitory your daily and weekly progress as you go through retraining your brain to think yourself slim.

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What You Get

Day 1 - Hypnosis | Day 1 - Affirmations | Day 1 - Coaching

Day 1 Mind-Body Connection Mindful Eating - TYS

15 Dimensions Healthy Weight Mindset

Simple Secrets to
Think Yourself Slim For Life!

Learn about the 15 dimensions of health and weight loss of Think Yourself Slim

Watch the 2 minute video


The Story Behind the Think Yourself Slim Program

2018-02-26 11.39.35 small new.jpeg

The journey to create the Program began back in 2004. It was on my 30th birthday that I realized that I had spent more than half my life dieting and, at my worst, suffered from eating disorders of extreme starvation and bingeing.  I realized the truth: diets did not work.  The first changes I made on my 30th birthday were to become the first steps of what I have now created in the Think Yourself Slim Program.

Diets Do NOT Work

Even though I had had a lifetime of obsession over food and weight, I still believed I could regain healthy relationship with food, with myself and to gain a sense of control with my weight.  And so the 10 year journey of creating the Think Yourself Slim Program began with the first principle: no more counting, measuring or restrictions...that's right, the opposite of diet claims.  And it worked....

Want to know if the Program works for you?

Find out how you can retrain your brain. It takes just 2 minutes!

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Its awesome. I just keep losing the weight. Thanks

Jim Core Think Yourself Slim Program | Aug',18

Awesome! I actually felt like the band is around my stomach! Lost 6lbs in one week by cutting back on portion size.

C.M, Hypnotic Gastric Band | Oct '17

I stopped night binge eating after listening for only 2 days. I've been binge eating at night for 30 years! Thank you so much.


Suzanne L, Think Yourself Slim Program | Jan '17

This is truly amazing. I just started listening to this as I fall asleep each night over a week and a half ago. I have already lost five pounds since then, without being obsessive or restrictive. My weakness has always been chocolates and I have been surrounded by them at work these last few weeks. My manager keeps a jar of Hershey's kisses on her desk and another director put out a box of truffles for the office to share. I didn't eat a single one... so unlike me! I have found myself eating slowly and enjoying my food more, and feeling inclined to exercise more often. I crave healthy foods. The few times I have briefly considered eating junk food or just a lot of food, I have heard in my mind: "You don't really have room for that. You don't need that." It's not at all an angry or demeaning voice - just a soft nudge to do what will make me feel best. Highly recommend! For anyone skeptical, just try it. My co-workers are astounded at the difference in my behaviors around food..

Selma W.

Purchased Hypnotic Gastric Band Collection | Dec '16

Thank you for this! I have been listening every night for about two weeks now and have noticed I don't eat as much and my craving of sweets have nearly vanished. you are amazing!

Kimberly V.

Hypnotic Gastric Band Collection | Oct '16

Changed my life...lost 10lbs in 3weeks...thanks

Sheila M.D.

Hypnotic Gastric Band Collection | Feb '16

 have been listening to this, self esteem, evening and weight loss. It is truly wonderful. Everything centers in the mind. Good to be mindful. I am losing weight in a healthy way. I had some weight about 10 lb I put on when my beautiful daughter in law passed away at 28. I felt my heart break. Everything I did course in miracles and recovery help me see the light and of course this. Thank you for your pure healing. Peace

Linda M, Core Think Yourself Slim Program | Oct ',18

It is amazing ...I love it . I lost 12 kgs in just 21 is literally a miracle.  It really works.


Purvi Bohra,  Hypnotic Gastric Band | June '17

I must be the one that must say thank you... I started listening to you in September and have made some significant physical changes that include losing nearly 60 pounds and mental and spiritual with regularly practicing yoga and feeling better. I listen to your affirmations 3-4 times per week and remind myself everyday of my Healthy Weight: I am capable of obtaining and maintaining my ideal healthy weight for the rest of my life. I look forward to listen to you in 2017 and I wish you always abundance in everyway everyday for the rest of your life. Happy New Year, Sarah Dresser!!

Luis R.B., | Email sent Dec '16

I have suffered from overeating, bulimia and have had an unhealthy relationships for 15 years up until now. This program has changed my life. LOVE IT! My mind is finally in a good place with food now and my body is looking super fly....I've turned this program onto several friends who have all reaped the benefits.

Natallia N. Purchased Core Program

April '16 |  email sent Oct '16

Started may 11th & already seeing changes I love it!! inches are melting & my clothes are feeling lo(o)ser! !

Kimberley T.

Hypnotic Gastric Band Collection | June '16

"I have been listening to this for 2 weeks and I am definitely seeing the change in my eating, my portions were already small but today I went smaller and I felt pretty good and satisfied, and overall I feel a lot lighter =) I will continue this practice for another 6 weeks (8 weeks in total) before moving on to part 2. Thank you so much for this video. Love and Light xo"

Dee R.

Hypnotic Gastric Band Collection | April '16


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