Why This Is NOT a Diet

No Counting
No More Diets!!
No Measuring
No Equipment
No Restricted Foods
Aligns 100% of your mind

Loose Weight AND Feel More Relaxed!


Weight Loss Starts in the Mind

Stop food and weight obsession

Do you often go back and finish a meal or feel compelled to eat when you are not hungry.  If you are reading this you most probably have a mindset of lack or deprivation due to diets, and perhaps serial dieting has become an eating disorder.  While diets simply focus on food and exercise, Think Yourself Slim builds a slim body by starting with a slim mindset: eating what you want, when you want for the right reasons

Stressed Woman

Stop Wasting Your Time Relying on Willpower

Being slim is easy when you know how

Do you blame yourself for failing yet another diet?  Guess what?  It's almost impossible to succeed when you are using just 5% of your brain to try to change the other 95%.  Yes, that's right. Willpower resides in the conscious part of the brain which is 5% or less of your total brain power.  And all your habits, emotional responses and most of your behaviour is driven by the subconscious.  If you want positive change you HAVE to tap in to your subconscious


Once the Mind Learns, It Resists Re-Learning

Product Manager

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"I must be the one that must say thank you... I started listening to you in September and have made some significant physical changes that include losing nearly 60 pounds and mental and spiritual with regularly practicing yoga and feeling better. I listen to your affirmations 3-4 times per week and remind myself everyday of my Healthy Weight: I am capable of obtaining and maintaining my ideal healthy weight for the rest of my life. I look forward to listen to you in 2017 and I wish you always abundance in everyway everyday for the rest of your life. Happy New Year, Sarah Dresser!!"

Luis R.B.

Email Sent Dec 16th


15 Dimensions of Healthy Weight

Mindful eating

End emotional eating (bored, stressed, tired, angry...)

Update identity as naturally slim with healthy habits

Mind-body and natural appetite connection

Crush food cravings

Love working out


Positive body image

Sleep well (and stop night time eating)

High self-esteem

Aversion to junk food (grease, sugar, empty carbs)

Boost metabolism

Undo diet mentality: no counting, measuring or restrictions

Retrain your taste buds to love healthy food

Balance hormones

You can conquer all 15 in this program!

Listen to Samples of the Program

Read and listen to more from each day. Just 40 to 50 minutes a day to build a life of positive beliefs and healthy habits.

Program In Depth

Each day has a theme to build a life of new habits, tackling one or more of 13 dimensions to health and healthy weight

Learn About the Personal Story and Journey Behind the Think Yourself Slim Program

Think Yourself Slim started in the same way that many of you discover the Program: from the realization that diets do not work. On her 30th birthday, Sarah felt defeated after more than a decade of dieting and eating disorders. If 95% of diets don't work, what did? Nothing existed at the time as an alternative.  And so began the 10 year journey to create the solution

Learn More About Each Day in the Think Yourself Slim Program

Each day has a theme to build a life of new habits, tackling one or more of 15 dimensions to health and healthy weight