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Cravings Collection

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This collection of weight loss hypnosis programs is designed to tackle addictions and cravings at multiple levels to change thoughts, habits and emotions attached to cravings*

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Cravings Collection Stand-Alone Programs

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Beat Sugar Addiction Hypnosis

Sugar is known to create both mental and physical cravings.  This recording works at several levels: to raise awareness of the negative health effects of sugar; to break down all the reasons you may tell yourself you need to eat sugar; then takes you on a guided imagery journey to change your taste buds.  This ends with powerful aversion therapy to make the taste and even the look of sugary items and sugar off putting.

Length 35 mins

Quit Chocolate Aversion Hypnotherapy

This powerful hypnotherapy recording works at several levels: to make you aware of the impact to your body, and uses powerful imagery for all three of milk, dark and white chocolate to make all three unpleasant to look at, touch and taste.  As with all scripts, this one is unique and powerful.  Retrain your brain and taste buds today!

Length 30 mins

Freedom from Fast Food Addiction

As you may well already know, deprivation and diets never work.  This Freedom from Fast Food Addiction recording is effective in that it gradually retrains your body, brain and taste buds to slowly move away from a diet of fast food and junk food to whole, nutritious real food.  As the mind rejects sudden changes, this is ideal if you have tried fads and diets in the past and have ended up regaining any lost weight or bingeing from feeling deprived.

Length 30 mins

Food Addiction Aversion Hypnotherapy

This powerful recording can be used for ANY food type where you feel intense cravings or addictive style emotions and drive to eat or drink it.  This is designed for a specific food or food type as it is key to be able to see this one food type as you go through guided imagery.  This is powerful so ensure that you are ready to give up whatever you have in mind.  This recording works by linking unpleasant look, smell and taste to whatever you crave.  You can retrain your brain!

Length 40 mins

Quit Drinking Alcohol Hypnotherapy

This recording applies several different techniques to tackle both body and mind cravings.  With drinking there is usually number and/or avoidance of emotions.  This helps you realise at a mental and emotional level the cost to those few moments of avoidance and how alcohol is only a temporary fix.  This also provides you with a perspective on how you limting or even damaging your own life and how you are affecting those around you.  Lastly this embeds suggestions to turn you off the taste of anything alcoholic

Length 1 hour

"I have been listening to this for 2 weeks and I am definitely seeing the change in my eating, my portions were already small but today I went smaller and I felt pretty good and satisfied, and overall I feel a lot lighter =) I will continue this practice for another 6 weeks (8 weeks in total) before moving on to part 2. Thank you so much for this video. Love and Light xo"​

Dee R.

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